KETOTARIAN DIET Week 3 | Mostly Plant Based Keto Meals
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KETOTARIAN DIET Week 3 | Mostly Plant Based Keto Meals

I can’t believe I’ve been eating plant based keto for three weeks now! This challenge has flown by, and I honestly have enjoyed my journey of eating more vegetarian and vegan foods.

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I have to say that this cookbook is the real deal. No fancy tricks to get the book. Full-bodied recipes that anyone can follow and real meals that made it easy for me to go-KETO so take the plunge and why not….

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Made Whole Cookbook Review

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  • Stacie May

    Mmm everything you have been eating looks so delish! All the bright colors of all the different veggies (love beets!). I actually just ordered the Ketotarian book! I've been hesitant only because I don't know if I can live life without beans, haha. But I sure would like to get the insane bloating I have down, ugh. You are looking fantastic (as usual, though). Do you have any digestive issues with those noodles? I had a GF pizza dough mix that had konjac flour in it and it messed my stomach up, big time. So I'm so scared to try them, haha.

  • SM G.

    Yes!! I like your vlogs. It makes me feel like we're spending more time with you, lol. Congrats on how well you're doing with the Ketotarian diet. I honestly don't know how you're doing it. I just love meat so much (i've been toying with going carnivore for a bit but I'm still researching), but some of your meals have looked delicious! Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I'm still here and still loving your channel!! Life has been super crazy and I often catch up on youtube while I'm doing cooking and autoplay makes it difficult for me to remember to hit the like button (or not being able to pause what I'm doing to hit the button for fear of cross contamination), but I'm still here! Loving the vlogs. It's not quite as cold where I live as where you live, but we're team "see how long we can go before we turn on the heat" so your comment about being bundled up in a sweatshirt and not turning on the heat made me giggle. Hope your week is going well!

  • Jill Russell

    Your spinach/arugula salad looked so good:) do you mix the avocado oil/ACV together before you add it to your greens or do you just pour each separately over the greens and toss. Great video!

  • Manisha Dias

    Nice meal ideas! I was expecting all plant-based meals from the title though so had to fast forward a good bit. Would be better if they were all plant-based (just if the title indicates so) because I’m sure a lot of vegans click on it for inspiration (like myself). Thank you!