You can lose weight when you get your hormones in balance. The key is what your eat, when and the best 21 day diet that anyoe can do and love!

Are You Fat Because of Hormones?

Are You Fat Because of Hormones?

So how exactly do YOU (I mean you…not just anybody) go about losing that weight ?

Before we answer that question, we have to consider but 2 things that make us (women) fat and that are just not talked about enough.

  1. Inflammation in your body
  2. Hormonal imbalance

Women have a harder time losing weight. Fat causing hormones love us. Find out how to fix this and the easiest 21 day diet you ever did. #weightlosssmoothie  #weightlosssmoothierecipes #burnfatdiet  #smoothiediet #21dayrapideweightloss

MYTH: You can lose weight by counting calories. A lot of healthy experts and online ‘gurus’ will recommend that the best way to lose weight is to stick to a diet that is low in calories and then to combine this with extra activity. They love to say that extra activity will make you burn fat faster and if you aren’t consuming extra calories then this will create a deficit resulting in you quickly becoming slimmer.

WRONG! This general advice is just not good enough.

TRUTH: Losing weight effectively and more importantly, as a woman, hormones must be discussed, first. Overall body inflammation is another factor but too big of a topic, so I won’t be talking about is here but you can read the artcile, “ This Silent Killer Is Making You Fat And Sick. How To Know If You’re At Risk And What To Do About It” to learn more.

Why lose lots of weight by eating less and exercising more for a month or two only to give up and go back to normal and gain the weight back- all because your hormones are working against you.

Here is a simple fact:  Weight loss (and keeping it off) is reliant on your hormonal balance.

“Research shows that it doesn’t take much of a hormonal upheaval for your body to start packing on the pounds, especially around your midsection. Something as simple as eating carbs for breakfast or getting too little sleep can create an imbalance. What’s worse, that extra padding, called visceral fat, can churn out stress hormones like cortisol, that actually lead to increased belly fat storage”

And with that in mind, you would actually do much better to find an easier and quicker alternative to counting every single calorie. That alternative?

The Smoothie Diet: 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan

THE SMOOTHIE DIET by Drew Sgoutas aka “Health Coach Drew,’ is the popular & successful diet plan that makes it possible to lose weight, feel better & it promises to eliminate more body fat than other similar smoothie diet plans – especially for women.

Drew knows that there are underling factors that effect women and hormones are part of this.

Replacing some (not all) of your meals with nutritious smoothies designed and consumed in a very specific sequence and frequency can level out your hormones and bring you body back into health.  The nutrient and ingredient ratios, which vary week to week (to make sure the weight keeps coming off and stays off) play an important part in keeping hormones in check.

$10 off coupon The Smoothie Diet

The researched specific ingredients and nutrients maximize the effectiveness of this program. All you have to do is replace certain meals with the smoothie recipes that are provided, and then watch as the pounds melt effortlessly off your body and your energy levels skyrocket.

It’s really not that hard since the smoothies are delicious and as you begin to feel better (pretty much right away), you will feel even more motivated and the smoothies taste so good, that you are glad to keep going.

It’s not uncommon to lose between 3-8 lbs in the first week on The Smoothie Diet, but the real accomplishment is keeping it off.  So, why not get started today with a $10 off coupon? What have you got to lose?

The 21 day diet to balance hormones, lose weight and get skinny for the summer. #weightlosssmoothie  #weightlosssmoothierecipes #burnfatdiet  #smoothiediet #21dayrapideweightloss

Why are you overweight? What is the truth about what is making your fat? Important information to lose weight in 21 days. #weightlosssmoothie  #weightlosssmoothierecipes #burnfatdiet  #smoothiediet #21dayrapideweightloss
You can lose weight when you get your hormones in balance. The key is what your eat, when and the best 21 day diet that anyoe can do and love!


21 days to lose weight, be healthy and have more energy. Easy weight loss for women and girls. #weightlosssmoothie  #weightlosssmoothierecipes #burnfatdiet  #smoothiediet #21dayrapideweightlossThe 21 day diet to balance hormones, lose weight and get skinny for the summer.


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